Sustainability Report Highlights

  • Sustaining Growth
  • Empowering Lives
  • Nurturing Communities and Protecting Environment

We are committed to excellence by focusing on:

Strong corporate governance
Prudent risk management
Operation efficiency
Proactive partnership
Supply chain optimization
Reducing operation risks
Optimizing resources utilization.
Quick turnaround and delivery to customers

We empower employees to make a difference by engaging them in

Training and development
Creative thinking
Team work
Value creation
Sharing of ideas and experience
Effective Performance Measurement System
Open and two-ways communication
Learning and cross training
Employee Wellness and Work Life Balance
Safety awareness

We seek ways to contribute to our society meaningfully and protecting environment by encouraging

Community Development and volunteerism
Green lifestyle
Conscious efforts in energy savings
Healthy living
Practices as follows: “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle” & “Sustainable consumption and production”
Managing industrial wastes
Monitoring and properly disposing hazardous materials
Improving our Environmental Management System